Key emergent phenomena in the Ubiquitous Computing operational ecology:

1)  Media on demand is evolving into process on demand, and emanating from that domain is the realm of "virtual presence" on demand.   Voice, data, and composite media streaming are converging into the domain of virtual telepresence, and "tele-existence" deliverables.

2)  Interactive transactional process brokeraging is converging into a singular operational ecology, populated by synthetic entities, tele-existence "deliverables." The voice you hear, the "presense" you interact with, may or not be human, and in the near future, such considerations will not only be irrelevant, the distinction will be indistinguishable.  

Maxims to live, and flourish by:  

1)  You are a bi-directional transactional processing portal.

2)  You are a node in an operational ecology

3)  Everything is connected - if it is not connected, it isn't real

4)  The "presence" you communicate with may be human, or synthetic - and eventually, indistinguishable in a ubiquitous operational ecology

The Ubiquitous Computing Paradigm - An Emergent Operational Ecology
"[Ultimately], employees in the ubiquitous computing environment will wear a "watch-like device", or take a pill, which will be a biochip designed to measure the cognitive output of the human brain in real time, for which the employee will be rendered payment accordingly"    
Jim Hurd, - CEO, Hurd Associates, San Francisco, CA
Quote from the "Ubiquitous Computing" forum at the World Internet Center
“Seamless integration of contextual cognition, realtime transaction brokeraging, bi-directional process management, contiguously evolving knowledge domains, and IP resource assets allocated as "sovereign knowledge domains" (an emergent evolution of current "soft IP core" boundary definitions) are the primary elements of the ubiquitous computing operational ecology.”

“The portal concept is being redefined as
"trust brokeraging services". The voice
you hear, the presence you engage
and emotionally bond with, may no
longer be human, and in many cases,
will be by requirement, non-human.  
The non-human entity presence is
ubiquitous, and becomes an extension
of yourself in an ever expanding sphere
of transactional inter-activity.  
In this context,
you become a sensory organelle of the meta-
system, your behaviors and interactions drive
the anticipatory aspects of the system's inter-
actions with you.

As an inter-dependent transactional node entity
in this ecology, the robustness and persistence
of your "operational epicenter"  is the defacto
currency of value. "
Charles Ostman, Sr Fellow, Institute for Global Futures, San Francisco, CA
Quote from the "Ubiquitous Computing" forum at the World Internet Center

The internet itself is becoming a type of defacto ecological system, complete with defensive systems, self modifying and
self organizing behavioral properties,
and even applied technologies, such as genetic algorithms, advanced neural net architectures, and other forms of process functionalities which genuinely mimic the physiology of a living "entity".   The system itself is something of a metaphor of the very operational ecology it is designed to become a component thereof.  
Societal and cultural norms are evolving into a new form of “existence valuation”.