Synthetic Sentience on Demand -
a Strategic Commodity Resource
The AAAI - CCA 97 conference presentation abstract:
New virtual assets consist of the strategic  resource of knowledge engineering, synthetic sentience on demand, ubuitous  computing, functionality matrices and the advent of interactive experiential  conveyance as a "process deliverable".   As a commodity resource, synthetic  sentience on demand is no longer confined
to the realms of academic curiousity  or theoretical paradigms; it will become an absolute requirement.
This is an abbreviated version of the paper presented at the IIIS World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics (ISAS '98 and SCI 98) conferences
Orlando, Florida - July, 1998
Evolutionary computing platforms, self evolving neural networks and “artificial brains”, hyper networks of systems  where the networks themselves are biological systems, evolutionary in nature, defensive, adaptive.   Emanating from this realm is a form of synthetic sentience, the capacity for perceiving, a sense of self, the threshold of emergent consciousness.   This is not “AI” (artificial intelligence) in the traditional sense, but something very different, more in the realms of artificial life, growing and evolving its way into every facet of current and future life.

The internet itself is approaching the horizonline of becoming a form of "collective organism" to which we, the human species, have become engaged in an irreversible symbiosis.  This is an organism which is internally populated with myriad variations of virtual artificial lifeforms, invokes immune system responses to viral invasions, and linked together within this system are
vast arrays of "intelligence organelles",
computational systems which are them-
selves evolving entities, adaptive,
self modifying, self healing.
Synthetic Sentience on Demand -
Synthetic Sentience as a
Strategic Commodity Resource
Implications and Imperatives